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The Round City of Baghdad

After four months of work by 28 students and myself, we have our first world of the new school year to share. It was a great deal of work and fine tuning to get it to a finished state, but I immensely proud of our accomplishment. We start a new history framework in California this year and it has, as a focus, multiple “sites of encounter” that we are to visit with our students and deconstruct how and why it is historically significant. I chose 8th century Baghdad as our first project and would like to share it with you now.

Round Baghdad was designed for the Caliph, al-Mansur, who founded the city in 763. The circular design was intended to support a series of ringed administrative complexes, but it quickly became filled with common citizens. It stood for approximately two centuries. During this “Golden Age” of Islam, Baghdad was the capital of the Islamic Empire. It was a stop on the Silk Road, contained numerous academic focused institutions known as houses of wisdom and was tolerant of all religions and knowledge seekers. It was, by all accounts, a cultural center. 

Within its walls visitors would find religious scholars, astronomers, poets, architects and mathematicians, merchants, musicians, philosophers and historians. It became known as the City of Peace. Situated next to the Tigris River, water was abundant and farmland surrounding the city swelled with new residents.  

Students worked individually and in teams to recreate individual buildings and other structure which we then merged onto the final map. Details were added for more authenticity. We built it to a 1:2 scale based on primary source documents. Nothing exists of this historic Baghdad today, but we feel that we have faithfully reproduced it in Minecraft.

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Welcome to my website. I am a teacher at Chalone Peaks Middle School in King City, California. I am currently teaching 7th grade history, but I have experience teaching every subject in grades 6-8. I have been a teacher for the past 20 years and enjoy incorporating technology throughout my curriculum. My students use numerous web tools throughout the school year. We are a Google Apps for Education school and all my students have an account and a netbook that they use in class each day.

I hold credentials in both multiple subjects and single subjects (history and science) and I am GATE certified, SIOP and AVID trained, and a Google Certified Teacher, CUE Lead Learner, and professional developer. I have completed undergraduate and graduate work in both anthropology and astronomy and was awarded a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. I enjoy teaching how to use technology in the classroom. I also like to design, develop, and implement Common Core curriculum that promotes collaborative and interactive online learning.

You can contact me via social media such as Google+ and Twitter, or by visiting my class blog or Minecraft blog and leaving a comment.

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